The point.

No matter where you are in the worldor where you’re going next.You move, and country hopwith memories around your neck.A beaded necklace with a bead for everyone you’ve loved and left.Fragile hearts shattering, hearts barely beating inside tightened chests. Goodbyes are the moments that everyone dreads.We poor ourselves into others,and then wish for the best.No matter where you are in the world,no matter where you … Continue reading The point.

Tango On Your Dance Floor

Sitting here staring at my screen, knowing I have done you wrong. Guilt running through my bloodstream, Thinking of how I’ve done you wrong. I’m too broken for you to handle Even if I’m leading by example I thought that I’d be able to tango with you babe,on your dance floor. Are you ever going to text me, I guess I, just have to move … Continue reading Tango On Your Dance Floor

Halfway House (Should I Stay Or Should I Go Pt3)

Feels: So, I’ve decided on staying… Thoughts: You know we have to leave, right? Feels: What? Thoughts: Deep down, you know that you don’t matter. He won’t work to keep you in his life. He doesn’t want you, if he did, you would know. Feels: I don’t believe that. He has made an effort, I see the little things, they’re all that count! I know … Continue reading Halfway House (Should I Stay Or Should I Go Pt3)

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Pt. 1

I have been struggling with a decision now for quite some time. I’m hoping that writing this out will give me peace of mind…. People ask for signs and clues and more. However, I know that if I go, he’ll already be there holding open the door.

“Good bye, good riddance, good luck,” he’d say.. then move on to the next, be it, a girl or day. Continue reading Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Pt. 1

A Message In A Blogttle

“What do you see in me?” “I’m not worth it, I’m nothing special. “It’s who I am, I’ll never change.” “I’m a failure, I know I’m not good enough,” – Every person, ever (at one point or another). I personally think very little of myself, great start, huh? Well, luckily this post isn’t focused on me. I am sitting here on my balcony as the … Continue reading A Message In A Blogttle

Love? Love. Love!

Those who said that love makes the world go round were not lying. Love comes in many different forms, different levels, intensities; different beings; animals, strangers, lovers, family. Love is such a complex theory combining emotions, thoughts, actions and everything in between. When we love, we open up, like blossoming flowers.. except it is less about the prettiness and more about the willingness: willingness to … Continue reading Love? Love. Love!

The Thoughts That Jar

I am letting myself slip, I feel like I’ve been holding on to the edge of a cliff for so long my arms have gotten numb and my heart so weary. The funny thing is, logically speaking, I don’t have much reason to feel that way. I am not unluckier than many of the humans in this world. I am to a large extent healthy, pretty on the inside and out (even if that is dependent on views that aren’t my own.) Struggling not suffering: hurting not damaged.  Continue reading The Thoughts That Jar